Hi, I'm Shelby!

I've always had a natural affinity for the slow life. From a young age, I could always be found out in nature with a book in my hand, dog by my side, and face turned to the sky. Even now, there is something I find so magical about taking my journal down to the beach and watching the ocean waves as they crash. It feels freeing. But that was not the feeling I would equate with my life a year ago.

I liked my job as a teacher but I still counted down the days holidays and I wanted to be able to be there to help take care of my aging parents when they were unwell, instead of working out if I could afford another day without pay. Then I came across an ad for the Freedom Formula, who helped me rewrite my money beliefs and show me how to make an income from anywhere and still live the life I craved.

Once you start being intentional with the way you are spending your time, it starts to catch on in all areas of your life. These days I'm always looking for the more simple things in life at bring me joy and now that extends to picking environmentally friendly cleaning and beauty products without all the nasty stuff and organic foods from farmers markets. Wherever I can, I opt for fashion, furniture and gifts that come from sustainability focused brands. Looking for options that align with the life I am consciously creating is a luxury my old life didn't afford me.

Follow the link below to find my favourite products and the affiliate marketing course I recommend!