Embracing Simplicity

Welcome to the place where fast meets slow and we intentionally choose the life we want.

What are you craving more of in your life?

I feel passionately about having the freedom to do more of the things that bring the most joy. For me, this involved making the change to live my life on my own terms by going digital.

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How will your story start?

Hi, I'm Shelby! Welcome to my tiny corner of the internet where we have the time to enjoy every sip of our morning coffee, and to appreciate the warm sun on our faces.

If you are here, I can only assume that you too feel the pull to do more with your time and that this rushed existence where we survive to the weekend, can't really be all there is. Let me inspire you to create a life that truly reconates with you in every way.

My story started with me feeling exhausted throughout the work week and squeezing as much into the weekend as I could. I wanted to be out in the world swimming in secluded waterfalls, watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain, and trying to order dinner in a language I didn't speak. But instead, I watched other people live the life I dreamed of. I was always thinking, why can't that be me?

Well I'm here to show you that you can choose the slow and intentional life that you want. I went from a jammed packed week of picking foods and products of convenience, to making choices that were not only good for me, but for the environment too. I took the elements of a job I enjoyed and combined my love of travel and the nature to revolutionise the way I spend my time. If I can do it, you can too. You can read more about my story here.


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