Reusable Make Up Wipes

Looking for a more environmentally friendly alternative to single use make up wipes? We have found the answer!

Shelby Johnston

10/2/20202 min read

If you are like me, you have been thinking a lot about what kind of world we are leaving for future generations. The sustainability movement has increased in its momentum and is definitely something I have become hyper vigilant about of late which is why switching to a reusable makeup wipe was an easy choice.

I have very sensitive skin, especially around my eyes, and I struggle with the strong chemicals found in most beauty products which includes conventional make up wipes and remover. This pushed me to find an alternative that didn't require chemicals or harsh scrubbing of my face, while also being affective in removing makeup.

Bisous is an Australian company I found while researching ethical and sustainable brands. I loved that they didn't test on animals and were committed to creating products that were cost effective and weren't adding to land fill. I purchased their non-toxic, re-usable nanofibre make up wipes which promised effective results in a few minutes with only the use of warm water. And let me just say, these were a game changer for me.

The wipes are so soft and didn't irritate my skin at all. I didn't have to scrub my makeup off, it just wiped off with warm water as advertised, and even my mascara came off easily. They are stain resistant so throwing then in the washing machine when you are done is an easy way to keep them looking new. I was very impressed with how effective they are are removing all of my makeup. There was no residual make up left and my face was ready to being my skincare routine.

If you are interested in trying the wipes for yourself, click here.