Start Your Day With More Intention

Love the idea of starting your day with gratitude and meditation but have no idea where to start? I've found the perfect journal for you.

Shelby Johnston

10/2/20202 min read

Living an intentional life is more than just a trend. It's a way for you to consciously choose the words, actions, and a lifestyle you truly want.  It will help you to get off autopilot, be present and appreciate what is right in front of you, while simultaneously helping you to achieve your goals. 

Notes to Mindfulness is a daily journal curated by Chelsea Kauai, who not only advocates, but embodies what it means to live intentionally. This journal is designed to cultivate inner peace, creative self-expression, and gratitude through guided weekly and daily prompts. Each prompt invites you to improve your self-awareness skills and align your actions with your highest priorities and values.

Using this journal every morning has become the highlight of my day. Not only is it gorgeous, but it has invited me to consciously choose behaviours that align with the life I am creating. It takes a short amount of time each day and I always emerge feeling grounded and capable.

Not only is the content inspiring and supportive but the journal itself is 100% recycled, biodegradable and uses FSC certified paper. The linen cover and sew bind are also both made from 100% cotton. Although this product is environmentally conscious, I need to be transparent in that although I try to use Australian brands, Intelligent Change is based in the UK and the diary is made is China.  This is the only down side to this journal. 

If you are ready to be more intentional with your day, shop this journal here.