Affiliate Marketing

Set your hours, work from anywhere, and create the life you crave.

We all know that feeling. The one on a Sunday where you begin to dread going to work and you never want the weekend to end. Or worse yet, you catch yourself moving as if on autopilot, feeling perceptually exhausted and uninspired. I felt this way too, and I also had no idea what to do to facilitate the change I wanted to see in my life. All I knew was that I needed to find a way to slow down, be present and intentionally choose what I did throughout my day, not just what was expected of me. It was at this point that I did a google search for automated revenues and I found, 'Affiliate Marketing'.

Think automated online systems that do the heavy lifting for you in the background while you enjoy the things you love. I realised that affiliate marketing provided me with an alternative way to earn money online without a huge upfront costs, or trading my time for an income. The problem however, was that there was so much information out there that I was overwhelmed. I knew that I wanted to align myself with a company and products that I genuinely believed in the value of and that allowed me to learn real world, transferrable digital skills to leverage the power of the internet.

Thats when I saw an ad for The Freedom Formula.

Kev & Jade really believe that freedom is a feeling and they help you cultivate the believe that you get to have an abundant relationship with money. The courses offered aren’t like anything else you’ve experienced online. They’re holistic, carefully curated experiences designed to expand what’s possible for you. They are beautiful, easy to follow, aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, actionable.
Chances are you’re here to learn more about the marketing skills and programs you need to create a time freedom framework for earning as an affiliate, but the course also provides you with a whole new belief system around money, freedom & how life can be for you.

The Freedom Affiliate Launch is the perfect place to start to build your ‘Time Freedom Framework’. This course will provide you with the base you’ll need to turn an affiliate link into an income stream that's not attached to your time. Joining affiliate programs is a great first step, but that's the easy part of this journey! These modules contain what you'll need to know to have people actually clicking on and buying from your links. Each module contains video lessons, written lesson summaries, extra resources & downloadable files such as cheat sheets, templates & workbooks to help you ‘move the needle forward’ & tick off each action item.

And how much will this course set you back? Just a one time payment of $97 USD for life time access. Sometimes it really is that easy.

Still have more questions? Why don't you check out their free masterclass here.

Or are you ready to dive in and take your time back? You can find the link to the Freedom Affiliate Launch program here!